hydrideFlame uses a peristaltic pump to pump the sample, HCl solution, and sodium borohydride solution into a mixing manifold where gaseous hydrides are generated from hydride-forming elements, such as As and Se. The hydrides are separated from liquid solution in a quartz gas-liquid separator, then directed into a quartz cell mounted above the flame. Because of the high efficiency of hydride generation compared with nebulization, sensitivity and detection limits are improved. hydrideFlame can simultaneously generate both nebulized sample aerosol and hydride gases.

Both are introduced into the flame for maximum sensitivity and productivity. The combination of the precision peristaltic pump and the hydrideFlame gas liquid separator are key to the excellent performance of hydrideFlame. The hydrideFlame is compact and in some cases can be placed beneath the flame.

hydrideFlame System Includes::

  • Standalone 4-channel precision peristaltic pump
  • PFA mixing manifold for adding acid and reductant
  • Low-volume quartz gas-liquid separator (GLS)
  • Peristalitic pump tubing and hydride transfer tubing
  • Hydride quartz cell required, but not included