FAST Flame High Throughput Automated Sample Introduction

To improve productivity of FAA instruments, ESI introduces the FAST Flame high-speed automation system. The FAST Flame rapidly vacuum loads samples from the test tube to a sample loop located near the AA nebulizer. When the valve injects the sample, it is introduced to the AA nebulizer at a rate of 5 mL/min for fast injection and fast washout. Rapid injection and washout result in a FAST Flame throughput of over 560 samples per hour—up to 40% higher than manual analysis for a single element determination.

Linear standard curves and excellent recovery of standard solution concentrations obtained using FAST Flame illustrates the systems precision and accuracy, as well as long-term stability.

FAST Flame Benefits:

  • High speed automated analysis
  • One load-inject-rinse cycle takes ~ 6 seconds
  • 560 samples per hour, up to 40% more than manual analysis
  • Reliable pumped sample introduction
  • Fast washout and low carryover

All FAST Flame Systems Include:

  • SC-DX FAST autosampler
  • F6A FAST valve with mounting bracket and all connections
  • 2-channel precision peristaltic pump
  • Connector for PE AA high sensitivity nebulizer
  • Tee for optional online addition of ionization buffer or diluent