Elemental Scientific Introduces the NEW FAST Flame

Application Systems

Flame Atomic Absorption (FAA) instruments offer extremely high throughput—often around 10 seconds per analysis—for samples requiring the determination of just one or a few elements. The FAA is easy to use, has a relatively low operating cost, and produces results that align well with historical data collected over the last 40 years.

In busy laboratories, many FAA instruments are manually operated. This is because sample uptake and washout with conventional autosamplers takes longer than a human moving a short self-aspiration capillary into each sample tube. The additional cost, space requirements, and slower speed offset most of the benefits of conventional FAA automation.

Three-step high-speed FAST Flame automation. The entire cycle takes ~ 8 seconds.

Step 1. (< 1 s) Load sample loop while nebulizer washes the previous sample.

Step 2. (4 s) Inject sample and move probe above the next sample.

Step 3. (< 2 s) After measurement is complete, the sample loop is evacuated, the nebulizer rinses and the probe moves down to the next sample.